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Unlike most specialties in medicine, anesthesiology often isn’t a core element of the medical school curriculum. It follows, then, that for most students exploring a career in anesthesiology, the best way to build the foundations for a clinical anesthesia rotation is to self-teach, primarily using a collection of online resources.

Here, I’ve featured some of the resources that I’ve found most valuable in learning about anesthesiology, advancing my professional development in the field, or preparing for clinical rotations in anesthesiology and critical care. It’s an active work in progress, so if you’re underwhelmed at first, check back frequently for updates, or let me know in the comments section what topics you’d like to learn more about!


  • Access Anesthesiology* | McGraw-Hill Medical
  • Anesthesia Student Survival Guide* | Ehrenfeld et al. [VU]
  • Anesthesiologists’ Manual of Surgical Procedures* | Jaffe et al. [VU]
  • Basics of Anesthesia* | Miller and Pardo [VU]
  • “CA-1 Tutorial Textbook” | Stanford Anesthesiology
  • Clinical Anesthesiology* | Morgan and Mikhail [VU]
  • The ICU Book* | Marino [VU]

Journals and Newsletters

Selected ‘High-Yield’ Topics

Perioperative Care

Critical Care

Skills and Procedures

Professional Development

Other Resources

* Requires an institutional subscription or individual purchase. Check your institution’s library to see if your university or medical center has access to this resource. I have no financial interests in any of the for-purchase resources listed here. Individuals affiliated with Vanderbilt: click the “VU” links, where available, to access these resources through the VU/VUMC library system.

Created: 10/27/2017; Last updated: 08/21/2017.


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